Deliveries: Orders are presumed to be deliverable between 7am to 4pm. Orders are also presumed to be deliverable within an allotted 15 minute time period. Orders with specific delivery times are subject to the One-Sided Delivery charge. If delivery of an order requires additional time it may be subject to a surcharge. Our goal is to deliver your orders in a timely and cost-effective manner. Orders requiring additional time impact deliveries to other Clients, and ultimately increase your delivery costs.

Delivery Order Deadlines:

3:00pm – Delivery per VE City Delivery Schedule

9:30am – Tues & Wed & Thurs outsource carrier order pick-ups
2:30pm – Wed outsource carrier order pick-up

Order Processing Transaction Fee:
$0.75 – Client Entered Orders including EDI orders

$1.25- Client Entered Orders
$1.75 – VE entered orders via fax/email
$5.00 – Phone-in Orders
$10.00 – Revised Orders/Cancellations

Will Call Orders:
$15.00 minimum on first 5 cases.
$3.00/case for more than 5 cases.
On Fridays, Will Call orders are picked two times:
(1) Orders received by 9:30am may be picked up after 11:30pm;
(2) Orders received after 9:30 will be available after 2:00pm.

Expedited Will Call service available for a $10.00 rush charge.

Freight Out Order Deadline:

If received by 3pm = The order will be available for carrier pick-up after 11am the following day;

If received after 3pm = The order will be available for carrier pick-up after 2:30pm the following day;

Designated carriers are required to call our warehouse with 24 hours notice to schedule a Freight Out order pick-up. Pick-ups are available on a First Come First Basis. Orders will be confirmed with carriers with the issuance of our release number.

Stock Pick-Up

12:00pm Wednesday for pick-ups at 48 hour notice warehouses

Order Deadline: 12:00pm on Thursdays for pick-ups at 24 hour notice warehouses

One-Sided Deliveries:

Orders with specific delivery times (only am or pm) must have this instruction noted and may be subject to a $15.00 charge.

Rush Orders:
Orders submitted after 3:00pm will be assessed a $20.00 surcharge including outsourced carrier orders processed between 9:30am and 11am for same day pick-up.

Same Day Service: $65.00, and $85.00 depending on service level needed, plus regular delivery charges (SF & SAN MATEO ONLY)

Stand-by Time Charge: Orders with either incomplete delivery instruction or orders requiring more than 15 minutes to deliver will be subject to a $15 per 15 min surcharge.

Please send an email to info@vintnersexpress.com to receive a copy of the 2011 Vintners Express Service Guidelines and Rates.

Vintners Express reserves the right to make changes to the above services, rates and/or procedures at any time. Shipment or storage of product to Vintners Express constitutes acceptance of the above outline policies, procedures, and rates.



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~David Busch, Swirl Wine Brokers