Pick-up & Receiving

Pick-Up Guidelines & Rates

Pick-Up Orders are to be available for pick-up between 8am to 3pm. We allocate 30 minutes to perform pick-ups. If an order requires additional time it may be subject to a Sur-charge.

Order Deadline:

Stock Pick-Up:   12:00pm Wednesday for pick-ups at 48 hour notice warehouses.
Stock Pick-Up:  12:00pm on Thursdays for pick-ups at 24 hour notice warehouses

Order Processing:
$1.75 – VE entered orders via fax/email
Phone-in Orders – $3.50
Revised Orders/Cancellations – $5.00

Stand-by Time Charge: Orders requiring more than 30 minutes for pick-up will be subject to a $15 surcharge (upon time availability).

Pick-Up Appointments: $5 each

Receiving Guidelines and Rates

Client must notify Vintners Express of all inbound shipments of product two (2) business days prior to delivering such product to Vintners Express. Please use the VE Incoming Form which contains all the required information needed.

If notification is not sent via email or fax, a charge of $35.00 to research and identify the winery to whom the product belongs so that we may complete the receiving in work of the product.

Upon arrival product received by other carriers will be “received” as Said To Contain (STC). Within 48 hours, Vintners Express shall check the quantity, type, vintage, confirm the package type (12-pack, 6-pack, 3-pack, single bottles), and condition of all product for damage and to make sure such product conforms to the bill of lading.

Vintners Express shall make available online an image of a signed copy of the bill of lading listing any discrepancies between the Product received and the bill of lading, and any damage product, within 48 hours of the arrival of such Product at Vintner’s Express warehouse.

Expedited Service is available on a fee basis of $5.00 per sku with a minimum charge of $25.00. All products received by Vintners Express are subject to standard “In” or “Handling” charges.

Vintners Express shall hold any damaged Product for inspection for thirty (30) days at Client or carrier’s request, after which time Client must remove the damaged Product. Vintners Express reserves the right to destroy damaged product left at its warehouse after thirty (30) days.

“In-Out” Charge:
$ .50/case-charged upon arrival (on pallets).
$ .80/case for hand stacked/slip sheets/container unloading
$ .75/cs. Freight-Out Orders (orders with 2 or more skus)
$ .35/cs. Freight-Out (Full Pallets with only 1 sku).
$5.00 min per sku for all arriving & outgoing shipments.

Please send an email to info@vintnersexpress.com to receive a copy of the 2011 Vintners Express 2011 Service Guidelines and Rates.

Vintners Express reserves the right to make changes to the above services, rates and/or procedures at any time. Shipment or storage of product to Vintners Express constitutes acceptance of the above outline policies, procedures, and rates.



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“Vintner's Express totally went out of their way...It made a world of difference...A big extra effort was made and [they] have since re-ordered wine. Thank you for going the extra mile for us!”
~David Busch, Swirl Wine Brokers